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Program för seminariet i teoretisk filosofi

Research Seminar inTheoretical Philosophy
Autumn Schedule  2019

SWE –Seminariet ges normalt onsdagar klockan 10-12 i sal T340 och kan hållas på engelska.

ENG – Here you find the schedule for the research seminar in theoretical philosophy. The seminar normally convenes on Wednesdays at 10-12 in room T340. If anyone in the audience (or the speaker) doesn't speak Swedish, the seminar will be held in English.

For updated information about the seminar, including titles, abstracts and (when applicable) papers, you need to join our mailing list (by e-mailing Pia Gårdmo at pia.gardmo@ling.gu.se and ask to be put on the list hogreseminarium@filosofi.gu.se). 

This semester the seminar is led by Anna-Sofia Maurin. There are still some slots available. If you are interested in presenting something, let Anna-Sofia know by e-mailing her at: anna-sofia.maurin@gu.se.


Metaphysics Now and Then

This semester Ana Maria Mora Marquez, Jenny Pelletier, and Anna-Sofia Maurin organize a ‘seminar in the seminar’ called Metaphysics Now and Then. The theme for this seminar is the notions of individual and process in ancient, medieval, and contemporary philosophy.

18 Sep
Gabriele Galluzzo (University of Exeter) (Metaphysics Now and Then)

19 Sep
Mini-workshop: Neurolaw (organized by Susanna Radovic) Gerben Meynen (10:00–12:00) and Gregg D. Caruso (13:00–15:00). All talks in T340.

20 Sep
PhD defense Alva Stråge (Friday, Sep 20, 13:00–15:00 in room T302): Minds, Brains and Desert: On the Relevance of Neuroscience to Retributive Punishment. Faculty opponent is Maureen Sie. Grading committee members: Helen Beebee, Gregg D. Caruso, and Simon Lee.

25 Sep
Anders Tolland: Pride and Prejudice & Speech Acts

30 Sep
PhD defense Stellan Petersson (Monday, 13:00–15:00 in room T219): Disarming Context Dependence: A Formal Inquiry into Indexicalism and Truth-Conditional Pragmatics. Faculty opponent is Isidora Stoianovic. Grading committee members: Jessica Pepp, John Cantwell, and Staffan Larsson.

2 Oct
Seyed Mousavian: Avicenna on Talking About Nothing

9 Oct  TBA

16 Oct
Maximilian Zachrau

23 Oct
Fabrizio Amerini (Parma University) (Metaphysics Now and Then)

24 Oct
Final seminar Alla Choifer (Thursday, 10:00–12:00 in room T340). Opponent Pär Sundström.

30 Oct TBA
6 Nov TBA

13 Nov
Staffan Larsson
20 Nov
Anna-Sofia Maurin (Metaphysics Now and Then)
27 Nov
Martin Kaså

4 Dec TBA

11 Dec
Ana Marmodoro (Metaphysics Now and Then) 15:00–17:00 in room T340

18 Dec
Robin Stenwall

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