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Ons 6/2 Bengt Brülde. Om klimatetik. Del I. Flov. T 340. Planering av seminariet.

Ons 13/2 Caj Strandberg. Om ”the embedding problem”. Flov. T 340.

Ons 20/2 Diskussion av text med relevans för Thomas Hartvigssons avhandlingsarbete. Flov. T 340.

Ons 27/2 Bengt Brülde. Om klimatetik II. Flov. T 340.
Presentatör: Göran Duus-Otterström

Ons 6/3 Marco Tiozzo. On Moral Intuitionism and Peer Disagreement. Flov. T 340. Presentatör: Olof Leffler.

Ons 13/3 John Eriksson. TBA. Flov. T 340. Presentatör: Ragnar Francén Olinder

Tor 14/3 Fredrik Dybfest Hjorthen: "Conceptualizing ideal and non-ideal theory". Statsvetenskap. Lilla Skansen. Obs! kl. 10.15-12.

Ons 20/3 Diskussion av text med relevans för Ida Hallgrens avhandlingsarbete. Flov. T 340.

Ons 27/3 Bengt Brülde. Om klimaträttvisa. Flov. T 340.
Presentatör: Christian Munthe

Ons 3/4 Ragnar Francén Olinder. TBA. Flov. T 340.
Presentatör: John Eriksson

Tor 4/4 Simon Caney, Oxford. TBA. Statsvetenskap. Stora Skansen.

Ons 10/4 Simon Caney. TBA. Flov. T 340.

Ons 17/4 Inställt

Ons 24/4 Christian Munthe. TBA. Flov. T 340.
Presentatör: Bengt Brülde

Tor 25/4 Fredrika Lagergren Wahlin. TBA. Statsvetenskap. Lilla Skansen.

Ons 8/5 Linus Broström och/eller Mats Johansson. TBA. Flov. T 340.
Presentatör: Thomas Hartvigsson

Ons 15/5 Inställt

Tor 16/5 Inställt

Ons 22/5 Inställt

Ons 29/5 Thomas Hartvigsson. TBA. Flov. T 340.
Presentatör: Caj Strandberg

Tor 30/5 Gunnar Falkemark. ”Irrationalitet och biologiska förklaringar”. Statsvetenskap. B 415.

Fre 31/5 David Plunkett. TBA. Flov. Obs! T 346

Tis 4/6 Christine Korsgaard. TBA. Flov T 340.

Ons 12/6 Inställt

Hösten 2013



Caj Strandberg (Praktisk Filosofi)

Göran Duus-Otterström (Statsvetenskap)

Date Event and location

4/9 Introductory meeting. Flov, T 340

11/9 Lars Gäfvert: ”Den krävande moralen - Hur mycket gott kan och bör vi göra?”. Flov, T340.
Commentator: Arash Hakimi Fard.

18/9 Olof Leffler: ”Deliberative Indispensability Deliberately Dispensed With”. Flov, T340.
Commentator: Marco Tiozzo.

19/9 Göran Duus-Otterström, “Liberalism, risk, and preventive detention”. Pol.sci., B340

24/9 Tuesday, 10.15–12 am Pekka Louhiala (University of Helsinki): ”Sham, lie or powerful ally - making sense of placebos and placebo effects”. Flov, T340.

2/10 Lisa Furberg (University of Stockholm): ”How to make numbers count without aggregating. A suggestion”. Flov, T340

9/10 Simon Caney (University of Oxford): TBA. Flov, T340.

16/10 Gunnar Björnsson: TBA. Flov, T340.
Commentator: TBA

23/10 Marco Tiozzo: Presentation of PhD project. Flov, T340.

30/10 Nina van Heeswijk: Presentation of PhD project. Flov, T340.

31/10 Lesek Koczanowicz (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Wroclaw): ”Critical Community". In collaboration with CERGU. Pol.sci., B336.

6/11 Marco Tiozzo: Discussion of some work relevant for his PhD project. Flov, T340.

13/11 Inställt.

14/11 Fredrik Dybfest Hjorthen: "Who should intervene? A case for historical responsibility?" Pol.sci., B340.

20/11 Gerben Meynen (Tilburg University): ”Criminal Responsibility and Ethics: Revising Susan Wolf’s Account of Sanity”. Flov, T340.

28/11 Johan Hyrén: TBA. Pol.sci., B415.

2/12 Karl Persson: "On Responsibility and Health".
Final review. Discussion will focus on introductory summary chapter of dissertation. Flov, T116. Notice room!
Opponent: Linus Broström

4/12 Neil Levy (University of Oxford): TBA. Flov, T340.

5/12 Sofia Wiman: TBA . Pol.sci., B415.

9/12 Monday, 1.15 – 3 pm Jurgen de Wispeleare (McGill University): “Becoming a Parent: A State-centred Perspective”, Flov, T340. Notice time!

11/12 Nina van Heeswijk: Discussion of some work relevant for her PhD project. Flov, T340.

12/12 Gunnar Falkemark: ”Avundsjuka: filosofi och empiri”. [Pol.sci.] B340.

15/1 TBA

Spring 2014

Date Event and location

29/1 Olof Leffler: Defence of Master Thesis.
At this seminar, we will also plan the schedule for rest of the semester. Time and place: Wednesday January 29, 1.15 - 3 pm, Flov, Room T340.

12/2 Karl Persson: Defence of Dissertation: "Responsiblity and Health: Explanation-Based Perspectives".
Opponent: Angus Dawson. Time and place: Wednesday February 12, 1.15 - 3 pm, Lilla Hörsalen, Humanisten

13/2 Angus Dawson: "Trying to Make Sense of the 'Least Restrictive Alternative' in Public Health Ethics". Time and place: Thursday February 13, 11.15 am - 1 pm, Flov, Room T340. Notice time!

Abstract: It is increasingly common to include appeal to the 'least restrictive alternative' (LRA) in any set of principles for thinking about public health ethics. For example, it appears in work by Ross Upshur, Larry Gostin, Jim Childress et al. and the Nuffield Council on Bioethics. It is also a frequent element in policy documents such as many of those produced relating to pandemic planning and response. This paper seeks to explore what such a principle might mean and how it is supposed to fit with other proposed principles or values. I argue that there are a number of interpretations as to what it means, but that none of them seem convincing as grounds to support the idea that it ought to be a separate principle. It is, presumably, supposed to demonstrate a strong commitment to the idea of liberty. But it then becomes unclear what its moral status is, and how it fits with other values. Indeed, there are important reasons to be cautious in placing it on any such list. For example, whilst liberty is important, it is quite another to see it as an overarching or presumptive value. We also need to be careful not to double count liberty in various different formulations.


All seminars take place 1.15 – 3 pm unless the program above says otherwise.


• “Flov”, Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Theory of Science, Olof Wijksgatan 6. Room T340 (unless the program above says otherwise).
• “Pol.sci”, Department of Political Science, Sprängkullegatan 19. Alternating rooms.

All are very welcome!


Caj Strandberg (Practical Philosophy)

Göran Duus-Otterström (Political Science)


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