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Doctoral Dissertations -- Gothenburg Monographs in Linguistics

Dissertations can be ordered from Hans Vappula: hans.vappula@ling.gu.se

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1. 1975 Lars-Gunnar Andersson
Form and Function of Subordinate Clauses.
Out of Print
2. 1975 Jens Allwood
Linguistic Communication as Action and Cooperation.
100 SEK
3. 1981 Pierre G. Javanaud
The Vovel System of Lemosin - a Phonological Study. December.
Out of Print
4. 1984 Sven Strömqvist
Make-Believe through Words. A Linguistic Study of Children's Play with a Doll's House.
100 SEK
5. 1985 Elisabeth Ahlsén
Discourse Patterns in Aphasia.
100 SEK
6. 1985 Sally Boyd
Language Survival: A Study of Language Contact, Language Shift, and Language Choice in Sweden.
100 SEK
7. 1989 Richard Hirsch
Argumentation, Information and Interaction. Studies in Face-to-Face Interactive Argumentation under Differing Turn-Taking Conditions.
100 SEK
8. 1990 Sören Sjöström
Spatial Relations - Towards a Theory of Spatial Verbs, Propositions and Pronomial Adverbs in Swedish.
100 SEK
9. 1991 Anders Ericsson
Aspects of Swedish Speech Rhythm.
100 SEK
10. 1992 Anders-Börje Andersson
Second Language Learners' Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in Swedish.
100 SEK
11. 1992 Joakim Nivre
Situations, Meaning and Communication. A Situation Theoretic Approach to Meaning in Language and Communication.
100 SEK
12. 1993 Kaarlo Voionmaa
On the Semantics of Adult Verb Acquisition.
100 SEK
13. 1994 Mats Dahllöf
On the Semantics of Propositional Attitudes.
100 SEK
14. 1995 Torbjörn Lager
A Logical Approach to Computational Corpus Linguistics. Gothenburg Monographs in Linguistics.
100 SEK
15. 1997 Erland Gardelii
Lesser Antillean French Creole and Universal Grammar.
100 SEK
16. 1998 Kerstin Nelfelt
Simultaneous Sign and Speech: A Multimodal Perspective on the Communication of Hearing-Impaired Children.
100 SEK
17. 1999 Åsa Abelin
Studies in Sound Symbolism.
100 SEK
18. 2000 Biljana Martinovska
The Role of Repetitions and Reformulations in Court Proceeedings - A Comparison of Sweden and Bulgaria.
100 SEK
19. 2001 Åsa Nordqvist
Speech About Speech: A Developmental Study on Form and Function of Direct and Indirect Speech.
100 SEK
20. 2002 Åsa Wengelin
Text Production in Adults with Reading and Writing Difficulties.
100 SEK
21. 2002 Staffan Larsson
Issue-based Dialogue Management.
100 SEK
22. 2002 Ylva Hård af Segerstad
Use and Adaptation of Written Language to the Conditions of Computer-Mediated Communication
100 SEK
23. 2002 Ann-Christin Månsson
The Relation between Gestures an Semantic Processes: A study of normal language development and specific language impairment in children.
100 SEK
24. 2003 Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi
Automatic Detection of Grammar Errors in Primary School Children's Texts. A Finite State Approach
100 SEK
25. 2003 Dianyu Li
Causative and Resultative Constructions in Mandarin Chinese: A multiperspectival approach: (preliminary version).
100 SEK
26. 2004 Ulla Veres
Input and Production in Swedish Children's Acquisition of Past Tense
100 SEK
27 2004 Jean-Michel Saury
The Phenomonology of Negation and its Expression in Natural Language
125 SEK
28 2005 Stina Ericsson
Information Enriched Constituents in Dialogue
125 SEK
29 2005 Cajsa Ottesjö
Att fortsätta och att återgå: Studier i koherensskapande praktiker i vardaliga flerpersonssamtal
125 SEK
30 2006 Charlotta Saldert
Inference and Conversational Interaction: Pragmatic language disturbances related to stroke
125 SEK
31 2006 Ulrika Ferm
Using Language in Social Activities at Home: A Study of Interaction between Caregivers and Children with and without Disabilities
125 SEK
32 2006 Magnus Gunnarsson
Group Decision-Making: Language and Interaction.
150 SEK
33 2007 Anneli Bergström
From Words to Conversation: Evaluation of Aphasia Therapy
34 2007 Gunilla Thunberg
Using Speech Generating Devices at Home: A study of children with autism spectrum disorders at different stages of communication development. (i tryck)


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