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Gothenburg Papers in Computational Linguistics

96-1 Nivre, J., Grönqvist, L., Gustafsson, M., Lager, T. & Sofkova, S. -- Tagging Spoken Language Using Written Language Statistics (1996). In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of Computational Linguistics (COLING-96). Postscript

97-1 Robin Cooper -- Using Situations to Reason about the Interpretation of Speech Events (1st September, 1997). To appear in Current Issues in Computational Semantics, ed. by Harry Bunt and Reinhard Muskens, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht. Postscript

97-2 Robin Cooper -- Integrating diverse information resources into dialogue updates. (1st December, 1997). Presented at CMC '98. Postscript

97-3 Robin Cooper -- Information States, Attitudes and Dialogue (24th October, 1997). Presented at the Second Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation. To appear in the proceedings. Postscript

97-4 Sofkova, Sylvana -- Computers and the writing process (September 1997). In Simon Shurville & Lyn Pemberton (eds.): Writing the future: Proceedings of Writing and Computers 10. Postscript

97-5 Sofkova, Sylvana -- Evaluation of Intelligent Text Processing (1997). In Artificial Intelligence in Education: Knowledge and Media in Learning Systems B. du Boulay & R. Mizoguchi (eds.) Proceedings of AI-ED 97 World Conference on Artificiall Intelligence in Education, Kobe, Japan. Postscript PDF

98-1 Staffan Larsson -- Using a type hierarchy to characterize reliability of coding schemas for dialogue moves (23rd January, 1998). Abstract of poster presentated at CMC/98. Postscript

98-2 Robin Cooper -- Mixing Situation Theory and Type Theory to Formalize Information States in Dialogue Exchanges (14th April, 1998). Proceedings of TWLT 13/Twendial '98: Formal Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue. Postscript

98-3 Staffan Larsson -- Questions Under Discussion and Dialogue Moves (14th April, 1998). Proceedings of TWLT 13/Twendial '98: Formal Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue. Postscript

98-4 Elisabet Engdahl -- Integrating pragmatics into the grammar. To appear in L.Mereu (ed) Boundaries of Morphology and Syntax. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Postscript

98-5 Robin Cooper -- Information States, Attitudes and Dependent Record Types (13th April, 1997). Presented at ITALLC-98. Postscript

98-6 Robin Cooper and Staffan Larsson - Dialogue Moves and Information States (15th September, 1998). Extended abstract of poster presented at IWCS III. Postscript

99-1 Peter Bohlin, Robin Cooper, Elisabeth Engdahl and Staffan Larsson -- Information States and Dialogue Move Engines (9th August, 1999). In Jan Alexandersson (ed.) (1999): IJCAI-99 Workshop on Knowledge and Reasoning in Practical Dialogue Systems. Postscript

99-2 Peter Bohlin, Robin Cooper, Elisabet Engdahl, Staffan Larsson -- Accommodating Information States in Dialogue (April 30, 1999). Presented at The Third International Tbilisi Symposium on Language, Logic and Computation. Postscript

99-3 Massimo Poesio, Robin Cooper, Staffan Larsson, Colin Matheson, and David Traum -- Annotating Conversations for Information State Updates. In Kuppevelt et. al. (eds.): Proceedings of Amstelogue'99 Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, Amsterdam, May 1999. Postscript

99-4 Peter Bohlin, Staffan Larsson -- GoDiS and the Dialogue Move Engine Toolkit. In David Traum (ed.): ACL '99 Demonstration Abstracts. Postscript

00-1 Staffan Larsson, Peter Ljunglöf, Robin Cooper, Elisabet Engdahl and Stina Ericsson -- GoDiS - An Accommodating Dialogue System. In Proceedings of ANLP/NAACL-2000 Workshop on Conversational Systems, Seattle, USA, May 2000. Postscript

00-2 Staffan Larsson and Robin Cooper -- An Information State Approach to Natural Interactive Dialogue. In Dybkjaer (ed.): Proceedings of LREC2000 Workshop on Natural Interactive Dialogue, Athens, Greece, May 2000. Postscript

00-3 Staffan Larsson, Robin Cooper and Stina Ericsson -- System Description of GoDiS. Presented at the Third Workshop in Human-Computer Coversation, Bellagio, Italy, July 2000. Postscript

00-4 Staffan Larsson and David Traum -- Information state and dialogue management in the TRINDI Dialogue Move Engine Toolkit. To appear in Natural Language Engineering, special issue on Best Practice in Dialogue Systems Design. Postscript

00-5 David Traum and Massimo Poesio (eds.) -- Proceedings of GÖTALOG 2000. Webpage

00-6 Staffan Larsson, Robin Cooper and Elisabet Engdahl -- Question Accommodation and Information States in Dialogue. In Proceedings of the Third Wokshop in Human-Computer Coversation, Bellagio. Postscript

01-1 Ginzburg, Jonathan and Robin Cooper, Resolving Ellipsis in Clarification, ACL 2001, Toulouse. PDF Postscript

01-2 Ranta, Aarne and Robin Cooper. Dialogue Systems as Proof Editors. IJCAR/ICoS-3, Siena, June 2001. PDF Postscript

01-3 Cooper, Robin and Staffan Larsson (forthcoming) Accommodation and reaccommodation in dialogue, to appear in Presuppositions and Discourse ed. by Rainer Bäuerle, Uwe Reyle and Thomas Ede Zimmermann, Elsevier, Amsterdam. PDF Postscript

01-4 Sofkova Hashemi, Sylvana Detecting Grammar Errors in Children's Writing: A Finite State Approach. In the 13th Nordic Conference on Computational Linguistics, NODALIDA´01 , Uppsala, May 2001. PDF Postscript

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