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Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, Theory of Science

at The Faculty of Arts

Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, Theory of Science
PO Box 200
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Lundgrensgatan 5, 412 56 Göteborg
Visiting address: Olof Wijksgatan 6, 412 55 Göteborg

Web Page: www.flov.gu.se
Email: flov@flov.gu.se

Head of Department: Fredrik Engström

About the unit

The Department of Philosophy, Linguistics, and Theory of Science founded in 2009 includes research fields within linguistics, practical and theoretical philosophy, and theory of science.

The department can be found in three buildings:

  • Gamla hovrätten, Olof Wijksgatan 6,
  • Dicksonsgatan 4, and in the
  • Pavilion between Gamla hovrätten and the university library at Humanisten (Faculty of Arts).

Contact information to key functions at the department can be found on the contact page.

Latest publications

Family-Centeredness as Resource and Complication in Outpatient Care with Weak Adherence, Using Adolescent Diabetes Care as a Case in Point
Anders Herlitz, Christian Munthe
What about the family? : practices of responsibility in care / edited by Marian A. Verkerk, Hilde Lindemann, and Janice McLaughlin., Oxford, Oxford University Press, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

The epistemology of mobilizing citizens in the sciences: Tensions in epistemic cultures of contribution and ideals of science
Dick Kasperowski, Christopher Kullenberg, Frauke Rohden
Designs for Experimentation and Inquiry Approaching Learning and Knowing in Digital Transformation / edited by Åsa Mäkitalo, Todd E. Nicewonger and Mark Elam., Oxon & New York, Routledge, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Natural Language and Computer Science, Gothenburg, Sweden, 24th May, 2019
Robin Cooper, Valeria de Paiva, Lawrence Moss
Association for Computational Linguistics, Proceeding 2019

Pattern recognition is not enough: representing language, action and perception with modular neural networks
Simon Dobnik, John D. Kelleher
Proceedings of LondonLogue - Semdial 2019: The 23rd Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, London, UK, Queen Mary University of London, Conference paper 2019
Conference paper

On visual coreference chains resolution
Simon Dobnik, Sharid Loáiciga
Proceedings of LondonLogue - Semdial 2019: The 23rd Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, 4-6 September, 2019, London, London, UK, Queen Mary University of London, Conference paper 2019
Conference paper

Interactive visual grounding with neural networks
José Miguel Cano Santín, Simon Dobnik, Mehdi Ghanimifard
Proceedings of LondonLogue - Semdial 2019: The 23rd Workshop on the Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue, London, UK, Queen Mary University of London, Conference paper 2019
Conference paper


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Name Title Phone Email
Abelin, Åsa Professor, General Linguistics +46 31 7865233 asa.abelin@ling.gu.se
Adesam, Robert Systems engineer +46 31 7865915 robert.adesam@gu.se
Adouane, Wafia Doctoral student +46 31 7864756 wafia.adouane@gu.se
Afshari, Bahareh Researcher bahareh.afshari@cse.gu.se
Andersson, Alexander Doctoral student +46 31 7864566 alexander.andersson@gu.se
Andersson, Petra Researcher, Practical Philosophy +46 31 7865175 petra.andersson@filosofi.gu.se
Aronsson, Linda Education administrator +46 31 7861927 linda.aronsson@gu.se
Behdadi, Dorna Doctoral student +46 31 7864554 dorna.behdadi@gu.se
Bennett, David Postdoctoral research fellow david.bennett@gu.se
Bernardy, Jean-Philippe Researcher jean-philippe.bernardy@gu.se
Bjärnlind, Helena Human resources administrator +46 31 7864570 helena.bjarnlind@gu.se
Björnsson, Gunnar Researcher, Practical Philosophy +46 31 7865545 gunnar.bjornsson@filosofi.gu.se
Blanck, Rasmus Postdoctor, Computational Linguistics rasmus.blanck@gu.se
Blomberg, Olle Researcher olle.blomberg@gu.se
Bloom Ström, Eva-Marie Senior lecturer eva-marie.strom@sprak.gu.se
Bogal-Allbritten, Elizabeth Researcher elizabeth.bogal-allbritten@gu.se
Bohlin, Ingemar Senior lecturer, Theory of Science +46 31 7864474 ingemar.bohlin@gu.se
Boyd, Sally Professor emerita, Linguistics +46 31 7861178 sally.boyd@ling.gu.se
Bragesjö, Fredrik Senior lecturer fredrik.bragesjo@gu.se
Brandstedt, Eric Researcher eric.brandstedt@gu.se
Breitholtz, Ellen Researcher, General Linguistics +46 31 7861176 ellen.breitholtz@ling.gu.se
Brier, Jonathan Visiting research fellow jonathan.brier@gu.se
Broberg, Anton Lecturer anton.pertun.broberg@gu.se
Brülde, Bengt Professor, Practical Philosophy +46 31 7864180 bengt.brylde@filosofi.gu.se
Bydén, Börje Researcher +46 31 7864916 borje.byden@gu.se
Chatzikyriakidis, Stergios Researcher, Computational Linguistics +46 31 7863802 stergios.chatzikyriakidis@gu.se
Choifer, Alla PhD Student, Theoretical Philosophy +46 31 7864140 alla.choifer@filosofi.gu.se
Cooper, Robin robin.cooper@ling.gu.se
Coppock, Elizabeth Researcher, Linguistics elizabeth.coppock@gu.se
Cutas, Daniela Researcher, Practical Philosophy daniela.cutas@filosofi.gu.se
Dobnik, Simon Senior lecturer, Computational Linguistics +46 31 7866917 simon.dobnik@gu.se
Ek, Adam Doctoral student adam.ek@gu.se
Ekbom, Moa Senior lecturer, Latin +46 31 7861931 moa.ekbom@gu.se
El-Alti, Leila Doctoral student, Practical Philosophy +46 31 7864554 leila.el-alti@gu.se
Elliott, Jasmine Christine Doctoral student jasmine.christine.elliott@gu.se
Elzinga, Aant Professor emeritus, Theory of Science +46 31 7864916 aant.elzinga@theorysc.gu.se
Enayat, Ali Professor, Logic ali.enayat@gu.se
Endörfer, Richard Doctoral student +46 31 7866965 richard.endorfer@gu.se
Engström, Fredrik Senior lecturer, Head of Department +46 31 7866335 fredrik.engstrom@gu.se
Eriksson, John Senior lecturer, Practical Philosophy +46 31 7864837 john.eriksson@gu.se
Eriksson, Lena Senior lecturer +46 31 7864184 lena.eriksson@theorysc.gu.se
Eriksson, Matilde Education administrator +46 31 7861944 matilde.eriksson@gu.se
Fernandez Walker, Gustavo Postdoctoral research fellow +46 31 7865559 gustavo.fernandez.walker@gu.se
Filin Karlsson, Martin PhD Student, Theoretical Philosophy
Fink, Jakob Leth Researcher jakob.leth.fink@gu.se
Forsberg, Julia Doctoral student, General Linguistics +46 31 7864038
Francén, Ragnar Senior lecturer, Deputy Head +46 31 7864837 ragnar.francen@filosofi.gu.se
Ghanimifard, Mohammad Mehdi Doctoral student, Computational Linguistics +46 31 7864038 mehdi.ghanimifard@gu.se
Granberg Olsson, Mattias Doctoral student +46 31 7864392 mattias.granberg.olsson@gu.se
Gross, Johan Doctoral student +46 31 7864038 johan.gross@gu.se

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Aristotle and his Commentators
Katerina Ierodiakonou, Pantelis Golitsis
Edited book 2019
Edited book

Olaglig innovation bland droganvändare
Johan Söderberg
Vetenskapligt medborgarskap / Linda Soneryd, Göran Sundqvist (red.)., Lund, Studentlitteratur, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

Perceptual Errors in Late Medieval Philosophy
José Filipe Silva, Juhana Toivanen
The Senses and the History of Philosophy / edited by Brian Glenney and José Filipe Silva., New York, Routledge, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

Health Care Decisions
Ulrik Kihlbom, Christian Munthe
Verkerk M, Lindemann H, Mclaughlin J (eds.) What About the Family? Practices of Responsibility in Care., Oxford, Oxford University Press, Chapter in book 2019
Chapter in book

A Convergence of Methodologies: Notes on Data-Intensive Humanities Research
Nina Tahmasebi, Niclas Hagen, Daniel Brodén, Mats Malm
CEUR workshop proceedings ; 2364. Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries , CEUR workshop proceedings, Conference paper 2019
Conference paper

Managing pollution from antibiotics manufacturing: charting actors, incentives and counterincentives
Christian Munthe, Niels Nijsingh, D. G. Joakim Larsson
5th International Symposium on the Environmental Dimension of Antibiotic Resistance, 9–14 June 2019, Hong Kong, Poster 2019

Ungrammatical prosody does not hinder positive evaluations
Elisabeth Zetterholm, Åsa Abelin
Proceedings of ICPhS 2019, Melbourne, Conference paper 2019
Conference paper

Interaction and code switching in a map task game between L1 and L2 users of Swedish
Åsa Abelin, Elisabeth Zetterholm
Abstracts from The 4th international conference Thinking, doing, learning: Usage based perspectives on second language learning, Jyväskylä, Conference contribution 2019
Conference contribution

Speech perception for neurophonetics
Åsa Abelin
Proceedings from FONETIK 2019, Stockholm, Conference paper 2019
Conference paper

Showing 51 - 60 of 2141

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